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Osteopathic Technique

The osteopathic profession has recognised the increasing need to identify and fund high quality research to demonstrate efficacy and effectiveness. This evidence base is of vital importance to the future direction of the profession and the safety of the public.

The National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) was constituted in 2003 in order to explore and assure the place that osteopathy has to play in Healthcare. They are an authoritative source of the latest information for practitioners and the public on new initiatives and trials. Please click on the logo below to link directly to their site.


The National Institute for Clinical Excellence(NICE) produces guidelines endorsing manipulation for low back pain as an effective treatment----Laurence Kirk quoted on the subject in The Guardian newspaper

Osteopathy has a strong profile within musculo-skeletal care. Recently the European Commission Acute Low Back Pain Guidelines specifically made reference to manipulation as an effective treatment for low back pain.

In addition, the Department of Health has recently published A Musculoskeletal Services Framework for England.This document looks at NHS musculoskeletal services and ways ofr offering more care closer to home, including access to diagnostic tests. The document is aimed at helping local health communities keep to the maximum wait of 18 weeks by improving the provision of orthopaedic services.

The Musculoskeletal Services Framework emphasises the need for efficient delivery of front-line services. To reduce the workload on GPs, it is suggested that NHS patients' needs could be assessed by osteopaths or physiotherapists, for example, without the need for a GP referral.

A table of evidence relating to the treatment of certain conditions has been produced to complement the work of Bronfort on manual therapy(see below), It is however important to read this in the contect of the commentary provided by Haldeman and Underwood.

Please find below a selection of research references and links regarding osteopathic treatment and/or manipulation. This is not  intended to be an exhaustive list but more as a sampling of recent research to evaluate existing and innovative osteopathic approaches to healthcare. This page will be updated from time to time with further resources.

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